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Everfresh is your sulfite free solution for the treatment of shrimp for prevention of blackspots. It is advantageous for consumers and producers who may be hyper-asthmatic or sensitive to sulfite exposure. Everfresh has a “GRAS” status, generally recognized as safe, by the FDA and also has the EU approval. The pouches are premeasured for easy use and quickly dissolve into solution. Seawater, brackish, fresh, or potable water may be used. Each pouch will treat approximately 550lbs to 600lbs of product. Everfresh will not wash off so once treated there is no need to retreat as with sulfites.

  • Can be dangerous, especially in enclosed areas, due to release of SO2 vapors
  • FDA restricts its use
  • Must be labeled on shrimp packages
  • Not always effective
  • Difficult to dose accurately
  • Some consumers are allergic
  • Loses effectiveness, especially after thaw of frozen product
  • Extra dosage may be required to maintain efficacy
  • Works on shrimp and lobster
  • Very safe to handle and use
  • Classified as a processing aid in most countries – does not require labeling
  • Abuse-proof: pre-measured pouches for accurate addition to dip tanks
  • Compact package is easy to store
  • Consistent quality even after thaw
  • Effective on heads-on product
  • No extra dosage required
  • European Union (EU) approved
  • Easy to use

Directions for using Everfresh:
Usage on freezer boats

A single 200-gram pouch can treat up to 550 pounds of shrimp with the following process.

  1. Gently pour a single 200-gram EverFresh pouch into 95 liters (25 gallons) of water. Make sure the pouch is poured directly over the water to avoid active ingredients disseminating in the wind.
  2. Mix solution for 2 to 5 minutes.
  3. Dip basket containing 25 to 30 kilograms (50 to 60 lbs.) of shrimp heads-on or shrimp heads-off into the solution of a 200-gram pouch. Move basket up and down to allow complete contact and submersion of all shrimp. The basket and contents should remain submerged for about two minutes, after which it should be removed.
  4. Drain excess solution back into the tank.
  5. The procedures in steps 3 and 4 may be repeated up to ten times prior to discarding the solution and preparing a new solution.
  6. Add shrimp to brine tank and process as usual.

Important Guidelines for Treatment

  • Seawater, brackish, fresh, or potable water may be used.
  • Mix EverFresh in water before adding shrimp and ice.
  • Do not use highly concentrated brines or heavily chlorinated water.
  • The temperature of the water should be 2° C to 27° C (35° F to 80° F).
  • Best treatment results are obtained by using the entire pouch contents in the matter described above rather than using a portion of the pouch.
  • Using more EverFresh or extending the dipping time beyond five minutes will not increase the effectiveness of EverFresh.
  • Do not sprinkle EverFresh over the surface of the shrimp.
  • EverFresh cannot rid or bleach blackspot once it has developed.
  • EverFresh dissolves readily in water and does not release any harmful vapors into the air as can occur when sulfite is used.
  • EverFresh is not an antimicrobial agent and, therefore, will not prevent microbial spoilage of the shrimp.
  • EverFresh treatment, as specified, has no effect on the flavor, texture, or natural color of the shrimp.

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